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(VA Friendly)

Flight Details

From: Seattle, WA
To: Boise, ID
Depart(s/ed): 02-27-2004 03:00pm
Aircraft: MD-80

Flight Crew: Karl Brannigan
Pilot Experience Hours: 90.5
Crashes: 0
Total Flights: 41

Flight Details: Nice flight with heavy winds. Good party atmosphere for the flight with a very interesting passenger list. Spend most of the flight in back the pax:)

This flight is 0% full

Number of Passengers:

11A | Bill Gates
11D | Big Fat Woman who had to buy 2 seats
11E | Big Fat Womans right cheek
14A | Shoe Bomb
14D | Another Muslim Extremest with a box cutter
18D | manwithnastygastokillamagot
18F | bigtittedtranny
19D | howlinowl
19E | BeautifulWomanWhoWantsToJoinMileHighClubWith19D
20F | NowTerrifiedPassenger
22A | William Shatner
22D | DEAinchargeofdog
22E | drugsniffingdog
22F | Dude who swallowed 2 kilos cocaine in condoms
25A | Screaming Baby
25B | Screaming Brother Baby
25D | Yelling Todler
28E | Ben Affleck now I hope this sucker crashes
30A | Osama bin Laden
31D | A Muslim Extremest
31F | Paranoid Rick
3A | mikey67901
3E | anotherasianwhore
3F | asianbisexual
4A | asianwenchwantsmikey67901
4B | asianwhorewithhugeboobswantingmikey67901
4E | Rod Stewart
4F | Wayne Miles
4F | Wayne Miles
5A | Asian tranny Surprise
5B | guy with stinky feet who took off his shoes
5E | Barry Manilow
5F | Richard Simmons
6E | Ala Be Praised
6F | armedsecurityguard
8A | Courtney Moore
8D | Jon Paull
8D | Jon Paull
8E | BigFatLoserWhoWillTalkAllDuringTheFlightToYou
8F | scaredycat
CLOSET | hotbigtittedbabenude

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