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(VA Friendly)

Flight Details

From: Fishing Tour
To: Ensenada, Mexico
Depart(s/ed): 01-31-2003 06:00am
Aircraft: Do 24-K

Flight Crew:
Pilot Experience Hours:
Total Flights:

Flight Details: We are off! (Photos from the top down. To ENLARGE click on the photo.) 1. A picture of your home for the day. A fishing we will go! 2. Our first stop of the day is Cabo Punta Banda. 3. Don't worry about the smoke folks, these are diesel engines! 4. Meet the crew! 5. At 8:23 PST we land at Isla de Gaudalupe 190 nm southwest of Ensenada. It is time to wet the lines folks! Do you wonder what we are doing here? ---- http://www.bootsnall.com/cgi-bin/gt/travelstories/na/may02shark.shtml ---- 6. Isla de Gaudalupe from the pilot's seat. 7. Another 1:25 of flying time and here we are off the southeast coast of Isla Cedros. We are 235 nm southeast of Ensenada. What about this island? ---- http://www.bajaquest.com/sidetrips/sidetrip13.htm ---- 8. Leaving Isla Cedros 9. Back home! 10. Angel's fish. 11. Look what the guy's got! BIG day. Been gone for almost 7 hours but it was worth it, right? Thank you for taking a Chance!

Number of Passengers:

22G | Angel Johnson
22G | Hugh Asencio
22G | Lonnie Choudhury
22G | Julio Whiteford
22G | Christian Bossert

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