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(VA Friendly)

Flight Details

From: Santa Fe, NM
To: Hobbs, NM
Depart(s/ed): 02-08-2003 09:15am
Aircraft: DC-3

Flight Crew:
Pilot Experience Hours:
Total Flights:

Flight Details: Chance Air DC-3 Coast-to-Coast Service continues with a jog south


Chance Air DC-3 Coast-to-Coast Service continues with a jog south.


Why Hobbs, New Mexico?You will know the answer to that question after your night on the town honky tonkiní.Rustic Southwestern atmosphere for those who want to live life!


Departed Santa Fe at 9:15 MST


Flight Photos (click on picture to enlarge)


1.Icing conditions around the country.Looks like we will get to Hobbs before the ice.(I hope)

2.Leaving Santa Fe.Skies clear with light winds.

3.Cruddy weather over Roswell, NM.

4.Final approach into Hobbs.


Our landing time was 10:54 MST.Have a wonderful day in Hobbs!


What to do in Hobbs?Check this out!


Thank you for taking a Chance!


This flight is 0% full

Number of Passengers:

1A | Leif Oines
1B | Jennfier Catherine Oines
1C | Mathew Noss
2A | Erik Louden
2B | Kelly Athey
2C | Nannie Burman
3A | Kurt Croghan
3C | Jamie Moles
4A | Lakisha Kagan
4C | Milagros Arvizo
5A | Darryl Goold
5B | Eve Snarr
5C | Nelson Rehkop
6A | Nelson Corkery
6C | Tameka Tift
7A | Hugh Snelson
7B | Keli Snelson
7C | Tameka Lecroy

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