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(VA Friendly)

Flight Details

From: Hobbs, NM
To: Fort Davis, TX
Depart(s/ed): 02-09-2003 11:00am
Aircraft: DC-3

Flight Crew:
Pilot Experience Hours:
Total Flights:

Flight Details: Chance Air DC-3 Coast-to-Coast Service now heads for the Davis Mountains in TEXAS


Chance Air DC-3 Coast-to-Coast Service now heads for the Davis Mountains in TEXAS!  The Davis Mountains area simply reeks with Southwestern history and is the home of the University of Texas MacDonald Observatory.


Some flying saucer fans also claim that the dark skies around Fort Davis are a great place to look for the extraterrestrial objects some of us want to see!  (A couple of shots of the local Tequila helps according to some folks.) 



Flight Photos (click on photo to enlarge)


1.  MacDonald Observatory some will visit later today.

2.  First sighting of Davis Mountains

3.  Davis Mountains     

4.  Landing at Blue Mountain Airport (TA56) near Fort Davis.


We left Hobbs at 10:58 MST and arrived at Blue Mountain at 13:04 CST

Enjoy you stay in the Davis Mountains.


Thank you for taking a Chance!


This flight is 0% full

Number of Passengers:

1A | Jennifer Catherine Oines
1B | Leif Oines
1C | Lorinda Cauthron
3A | Sung Tish
4A | Albertha Dzwonkowski
4C | Jessie Colvard
5C | Tory Blonder
6A | Maricela Hensen
6B | Dan Hensen
6C | Julio Happ
7A | Vita Kleinhenz
7C | Darren Corrado

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