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(VA Friendly)

Flight Details

From: Fort Davis, TX
To: Blanco, Tx
Depart(s/ed): 02-10-2003 08:30am
Aircraft: DC-3

Flight Crew:
Pilot Experience Hours:
Total Flights:

Flight Details: ----------------------------------


Chance Air DC-3 Coast-to-Coast Service now heads to the Texas Hill Country!


The Texas Hill Country is an example of days gone by with the charm of the residents who firmly believe they live in paradise.   Come along and experience Cajun Zydeco even before we get to Louisiana! 


Every seat offers DC-3 First Class Service.


Departed Fort Davis at 8:15 CST arrived in Johnson City (Blanco) at 10:13 CST.  We had a good two hour early morning flight across southern Texas with clear skies, light winds, and some haze.


Flight Photos (click on photo to enlarge)


1.  Early morning departure from Fort Davis.

2.  Two big engines carrying us over Texas hill country.

3.  Touch down in Johnson City (Blanco)


Have a great day, and thank you for taking a Chance!


This flight is 0% full

Number of Passengers:

1A | Leif Oines
1B | Jennifer Catherine Oines
1C | Angel Johnson
2A | Sarita Donaghue
2C | Stephaine Mosen
3A | Roger Oines
3B | Elna Weisdorfer
3C | Ciara Toso
4A | kris keller
4C | Delmer Aboudi
5A | Sharron Blasko
5B | Audry Ciminera
5C | Ted Fitzmaurice
6A | Milissa Kothenbeutel
6B | Newton Clowerd
6C | Lupe Rajk
7A | Jessie Kestler
7B | Ted Yoshimoto
7C | Jerri Baynard

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