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(VA Friendly)

Flight Details

From: Corpus Christi
To: New Orleans
Depart(s/ed): 02-15-2003 09:27am
Aircraft: 727-200

Flight Crew: Karl Brannigan
Pilot Experience Hours: 90.5
Crashes: 0
Total Flights: 41

Flight Details: Nice flight and a nice part of the country I have never been to before. Enjoyed tracking the coast line. My pilotís skills are not up to shape. Partly due to the plane and partly due to my ever increasing reliance on the auto pilot. On climb out went to a VSI of 6000 and the decent was terrible and the landing was even worse. Will have to go back to a basic autopilot and hand fly her.

This flight is 0% full

Number of Passengers:

01A | kris keller
02B | JoeBob
10A | Oda Storti
10B | Ted Tegeler
10B | Winfred Defilippi
10E | jeevan
11D | Marcelino Vellucci
11E | Frederic Cheser
11F | Eleonor Sipper
12C | Max Cavallo
12D | Tempie Fedorek
12F | Marcelino Atterson
13A | Chandra Dinkel
13C | Emory Carlis
13F | Tyrone Ausmus
14D | Grisel Stojanovic
14E | Cruz Mapalo
15F | Melisa Corry
18A | bob the builder
18B | Rosio Orser
18G | Chandra Horwitz
19A | Lane Suitor
21A | Krytos
22C | Chandra Horwitz
22F | nhv
23C | Corrinne Chicca
24B | Kirby Gaumont
24E | Contessa Cleamons
25C | Sokolowski
25D | Merlin Mostyn
28E | Giovannini
29A | Darren Ifill
29A | Cleo Mcconaughy
29C | Fredda Nori
31D | Jenae Wamhoff
31F | Dick Olexa
32C | Lieselotte Verhoff
32D | Irwin Mador
32E | Maragaret Waldhoff
32F | Illa Ostlie
33C | Collin Prys
34B | Kirby Rairdon
35B | Lashaunda Ethen
35D | Merrill Bodrick
36F | Sheba Hokkanen

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