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(VA Friendly)

Flight Details

From: Tallahassee, FL
To: Sarasota, FL
Depart(s/ed): 03-03-2003 08:00am
Aircraft: B-25

Flight Crew:
Pilot Experience Hours:
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Flight Details: Chance Air DC-3 Coast-to-Coast Service to Galveston, Texas


Chance Air DC-3 Coast-to-Coast Service to Sarasota, Florida.


Welcome aboard.  Because of our limited passenger load today, we have chosen a new Magic Carpet.

The DC-3 will take a rest and we will enjoy ‘old shaky’ our B-25 WWII aircraft.  Our passengers, Mac, jeevan, and DW will get to move freely about the aircraft from the beautiful nose view, to the sky view of the top turret, to the look behind view of the tail turret.  Enjoy the ride today guys!


Great ride!  We had a good flight leaving Tallahassee at 9:30 AM EST and arriving in Sarasota at 10:53 AM EST.  The guys got to climb all around in the aircraft and get views they had never seem before!


A bunch of pictures for this flight (click on photo to enlarge)


1.  Briefing Time waiting for the passengers in Tallahassee

2.  Big engine and prop out the pilot’s window

3.  A view from the top turret.  Yes, those are 50 caliber machine guns.

4.  A view from the bombardier’s seat.  Some people have all the fun!

5.  A look at the turrents from outside the airplane.

6.  Over the Gulf of Mexico

7.  On final approach into Sarasota

8.  Just before touchdown.

9.  A look at the instrument panel on the B-25


We had a good flight and burned only 315 gallons of fuel. 


Thank you for taking a Chance!




Number of Passengers:

1C | D W Lane
5A | Mac Sollock
6A | jeevan

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