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Current Date/Time:         June 14, 2024, 11:25 ZULU
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At Chance Airlines we strive to save as much money as possible. Most of our pilots have 2nd or 3rd jobs to make ends meet. We do not have a very large payroll dedicated to pilots, however we do offer hazard pay because our aircraft is in such horrifying conditions. If you love working long hours, know how to troubleshoot a vast range of aircraft in-flight "challenges",and money is not an issue in your life. We feel you will be perfect for our airline. Please submit information below and you will instantly be able to fly with us. For starters, we will pay you $5.75 per flight hour. Aircraft with one or more inoperative engines, we will make a special hazard pay of $1.25 per flight hour. If you decide you do not want to become a pilot, you have a perfect opportunity to become part of our X-Treme Flyers Club. You will recieve special benifits such as one click flight booking, and saving up x-treme flyer points which could award you special prizes or free flights. All pilots are automatically enrolled in our X-treme flyers club.

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